We consumers have the power of choosing what we are consuming and our acts lead to an adjustment of the market. 

On one hand, we have the choice of supporting fair businesses, markets, Zero Waste shops and sustainable activities. On the other hand we can become digital activists to sign petitions and to stand up for a change. In this modern world it is fairly easy to act and just a few clicks away from doing your part. The Plastic Hike is an NGO project, all of us, the team and artists, commit our time to raise awareness and to care for a better future.


Find a list of a growing number of sustainable businesses, initiatives and experiences in Portugal.


NGOs of Portugal are working hard on protecting nature and the ocean. This petition section will be updated once new petitions come up and we can all come together to push change.


The Plastic Hike Project is part of the “Associação Novo Mundo Azul”. We commit our times to a good cause and want to fight for a fair world in which nature and humans live in line. If you feel like helping us to push this project forward, you can make a donation here.

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