Join our hike of trash awareness with fun and positivity!

REFUSE single-use plastics, REDUCE packaging as much as possible, RETHINK fish consumption and REUSE every item you own until it reaches the end of life – only then, recycle it.

In 2020, The Trash Traveler hiked along the entire 832 km long coast of Portugal in 58 days to raise awareness about plastic pollution together with more than 100 NGOs. 1,6 tons of plastic were collected but the coast is not clean at all… 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean yearly. We have to stop its source.

Plastic pollution starts with it’s production, using fossil fuels. The ocean starts with our actions, in our homes. Join our journey to take care of our planet, to act responsibly and demand companies to take on responsibility for what they produce. If everyone tries to make an impact, we can achieve change together. Check out the “The Plastic Hike” exhibition, documentary screenings and workshops.


August – October 2021

Plenty of actions will be performed this year in various city centers. Cigarette butt clean ups will be performed and art pieces will be created ! Join “THE BUTT HIKE” this summer to raise awareness in +30 cities in Portugal !

The Plastic Hike

June – September 2021

A documentary about the adventure in 2020 reflecting the work of NGOs and environmentalists of the coastline of Portugal. Watch the documentary in several locations along the coast.

The Plastic Hike

June – September 2021

A collective of artists came together to raise their voices for this urgent problem. Check out the artists and their local exhibitions throughout the country!

The Plastic Hike

June – September 2021

Take part in our workshops to get inspired to take action.
Environmental board games, beach clean-ups, stop motion videos with trash. Exciting!

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