The City Clean Up Tour 2021

The ocean starts in our homes – in our cities. Therefore, plenty of actions will be performed this year in various city centers as more people can be reached. Cigarette butt clean up actions will be performed. All cigarette butts will be saved throughout the journey to create bigger and bigger cigarette butt art pieces.

Join “THE BUTT HIKE” this summer to raise awareness in +30 cities in Portugal !

How to participate:

1. Collect cigarette butts from 1st of August until end of September individually and bring/send them to The Trash Traveler for a grand final. The best collectors receive sustainable prizes! 😍

2. Check the map below, if you want to join physically in one clean up of The Butt Hike. The exact location and time of the clean up will be placed latest 1 day before the clean up. You want to become a host or invite people? Text us!

3. Bring reusable gloves and reusable bags or buckets. No single use plastic bottles as cigarette butts contaminate them and hence, they are not recyclable anymore.

4. Bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.

5. Tell your friends and family to join.
Friends, family, local journalists (TV, radio?), NGOs (environmental or any other?), business (sustainable or not).
This is an inclusive project to raise awareness with an open minded community 💚🏳️‍🌈🌍🦈

If the MAP doesn’t appear, click here.

You want to become a host or invite people? Text us to: