The Trash Traveler found an old bicycle and brings it back to life to cycle 3000 km around Portugal. We have to give trash value, if we want to prevent the yearly 8 million tons of plastic to enter the ocean worldwide… Join The Trash Cycle and help spreading awareness!

1. Check the map below, click on a location, and see what day we clean and raise awareness in your area.

2. All infos will be specified in the map but Instagram / Facebook will give you daily updates of the tour.

3. Bring reusable gloves and bags to the clean ups! We have to refuse single use as much as possible! (No registration needed – just join!)

4. Do you know groups or friends who would like to join? Everyone is welcome!

5. Do you know any cicular, environmental, trash project that would be nice to check out? Send us an email! (

6. Do you know any company, journalist or even Presidente Marcelo who could help raising awareness? Then send them this website link.

7. We will create another documentary to raise awareness. Do you know a photographer or filmmaker who has fun joining as part of the tour? Or even yourself – upload pictures and videos you take during our clean ups. A documentary from the community for the community. Ask for the link at the clean up!

8. If you like the project and feel you want to support more, you can donate to our cause and cover some of our costs. We have some sponsors, however, it does not cover all costs. As a thank you, you will be placed in the credits of the documentary movie! 🙂

If you don’t see the MAP – click here

The biggest thanks goes to all the participants. Only together we make a change.

Team: Raquel Fortuna Lima, CameraWithNoName, Marisa Matos, Marta Ribeiro, Catarina Rodrigues, Ana Rita Seiroco, Judith Kopf, Associacao Novo Mundo Azul


Jack Wolfskin I Ocean Beer

All worth projects to check out! (This is a long lost and will be updated in the end of the journey)

Loja MindTheTrash (Get your ZeroWaste discount with “thetrashtraveler”) I Maria Granel I Ana Milhazes I Catholica4Future I EarthShipPortugal I Wild.Sierra.Project I Connect4Climate I WorldBank I Não Lixes I Isto é lixo I Catraia Festival I Lindomar I Eco Dogs Walk I MarMeu I Ocean Patrol I Surfrider Peniche I Mar à Deriva I Oceanos Sem Plásticos I Guardiao Do Oceano I Zero Waste Youth Portugal I Instituto Lixo Zero Portugal I Recloset Secondhand I Zerowastelab pt I Livre Para I Route Portugal I Brigada do Mar I Planet Caretakers I Mint Beach Movement I Programa Atlantis I Somar Bio I Sciaena I Green Vibe I Escola Azul I Bandeira Azul / EcoEscolas / ABAE I Oceano Azul Foundation I Sagres Beach Clean I Sea Shepherd Portugal I Tiago Greentribe I Mar de Experiências I Hope Green Home I Ana Quintas I Zero Plastico I Yogurt Nest I Linha de Onda – Escola Surf I Diogo Amaral – Remain Surfboards I Catarina Canelas I Reutilizarmente I Ayala Botto I CoCasa Lisboa I Madame Granel I MacedaSurfCamp I Green Diamond

Communication support: Greener Comunicação, Cision

Municipio de Sintra I Freguesia Santo Andre I MoverMira I Municipio Espinho

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